t-stamp to fit you.

Blog currently under transformation:

You will be redirected to the new URL of this blog: http://t-stamp.blog !
This site is still run by the current owner, myself, Terran Rae Smith. The blog isn’t changing it’s original mission of helping to inform the public on underrepresented content. It is simply expanding to reach the demand of the wonderful demographic that follows this site and its content.

Through expansion, I hope to reach a broader audience. Through a greater outreach, I believe I will be able to help more individuals with diverse desired and deserved information,

Thank you for following Lawrence Non-Profits and helping it grow to this transition. I can’t believe it was more than half a decade ago that this blog began. I will continue content not condoning of complacency,  and will strive to inspire and motivate positive change in doing so.

t-stamp. will serve as a one-stop transformation station for fellow bloggers interested in lifestyle & fitness. This news & information will not be stifled by stereotypes or discredited by discrimination. Rather, t-stamp. will exponentially explore health & wellness topics on and beyond the spectrum of gender, sexuality and identity.

Equality in every sense of the term will be reinforced through trans-formative multimedia journalism. Its content will strive to stop stereotyping lifestyle and start shining light on the spectrum that is, wholly, individualism.

One size doesn’t always fit all.
One-of-a-kind fits tailor-made.

‘tailor your transformation, to fit you.’

***(Transpires: Summer 2017)****


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